Alexis Andrews

Writer, Director, Cinematographer

Born in Greece, studied photography in London, sailed to Antigua, West Indies in 1985 to pursue work as a commercial photographer in the yachting industry. His iconic megayacht images have been featured in magazines & luxury charter advertising for over there decades.

In 1997, he purchased an old Carriacou sloop that sunk in Antigua, rebuilt the vessel and sailed her back to the Grenadines to meet her creator. This journey would spark a ten year photoessay tribute to the last boatbuilders of the island and the building of a new vessel. The resulting Genesis project inspired a wider interest among outsiders in the region, the building of five 42’ vessels and the formation of the Unesco sponsored St. Barth’s West Indies Regatta.

Vanishing Sail is his first film.

Justin Sihera

Producer & Additional Cinematography

Of Indian and Carriacouan decent, Justin was born in the UK, became a successful financial analyst and in 1990 returned to Carriacou to work on his uncle’s trading vessel and remained in the islands.

A multi-discipline problem solver; he has since developed solutions in IT, social media and online campaigns, product design, commercial photography and even chocolate distribution!

The compelling draw to be involved in this film came from a need to recapture those early childhood memories in Carriacou sailing and fishing with Grandad Compton and listening to the stories from the old men of Windward.

Additional Cinematography

Luciano Blotta – Award winning Director/DP “Rise Up” “Ovum”
Shabier Kirchner – Award winning DP “Memoirs of the Blue” “Skate Kitchen”
Roddy Grimes Graeme – World renowned Yachting Cameraman

Original Music Score

Torsten Stenzel – Germany/Antigua/Los Angeles, Award winning composer, producer & DJ
Justin “Jus Bus” Nation – Antigua/Jamaica/USA Visual Engineer Credits: Jah Cure, Snoop Dogg…
Eric Clapton – No introduction necessary, loved the project, contributed an original composition


Guy Hellier – Sydney/London, Award Winning Film & TV editor
Andrew Wesman – Los Angeles, Award Winning Film editor and DP.

Story Consultant

Claire Fergusson – London, Award Winning Feature Doc Editor “Eyes Wide Shut” “50 years of Bond” “Island & the Whales” “Destination Unknown”

Consulting Editors

Tina Imahara – Los Angeles,, Award Winning Feature Doc Editor
Greg O’ Toole – San Francisco, Award Winning Feature Doc Editor

Sound Design

Gus Koven – Los Angeles, clients include Apple, BMW, Lexus.