August 29, 2016

traditional boat building of the outer hebrides

Our screening tour of the U.K. South Coast has been an amazing journey, creating interesting and engaging dialogue with our audiences. From Portsmouth Historic Naval Dockyard to St. Leonards on Sea to Plymouth, Dartmouth and Falmouth, there is one single continuous theme that resonates all along the coast; Traditional Boatbuilding must continue, not only in Great Britain and the West Indies, but all over the world because there are just too many good reasons why future generations of people young and old can connect with their culture, themselves and the sea in this special way.

Our Cornish Premiere at the landmark Poly in Falmouth was a highlight indeed, introduced by Ben Harris, a local boatbuilder and woodsman who had gone to all the yards in the area inviting people to the screening and was truly moved to discover such a vibrant scene.

“I was just blown away by how much is going on here, how many people are at it, building wooden boats in the area… I felt an incredible sense of pride to be part of this community”

The next day, Justin was invited to interview the leading force behind one of Cornwall’s most important current educational projects, The Pellew!

Many Thanks to Classic Boat and for being our presenting partners during this tour.

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