November 3, 2015

A new sloop for st barth

While we have been busy promoting Vanishing Sail at film festivals, the Enoe family have been busy creating the latest Carriacou sloop! This one has been built by Alwyn’s son Cal and is commissioned by our friend Thierry De Badereau from Free in St Barth, a big supporter of The West Indies Regatta. Launching is set for Sunday, 8th November, Windward, Carriacou.

This event was MASSIVE…

With the vessel launched the preparations for the sail north began. The telephone pole mast was rigged in windward and loaded onto the vessel for the tow round the island to Harvey Vale, where a large crane stepped the mast. The ‘test’ sail back around to Windward went great and the following day Free in St. Barth sailed out quietly through the gap in reef, bound for Antigua.

Cal, Alwyn’s son and the builder, couldn’t resist and joined the crew for the historic passage north…

“Reconnecting the Islands with Traditional Sail”